Tennis In A New Light  … a review by Gene Mayer

Tennis Hobo brought back many wonderful memories.  John Gruberg's book is well crafted with tremendous attention to detail, and portrays tennis in a new light. Although the accurately depicted social mores of the tennis scene in those days give me some pause, I nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed Tennis Hobo.  

So many memories, in so many areas, came flooding into my mind.  Here are a few:

People  –  Dick Gould, Trey Waltke, Mike Fishbach, JimMcManus, George Hardie, Jeff Borowiak, Torben Ulrich, Steve Docherty and Whitney Reed.

Places  –  Berkeley (particularly Junior Davis Cup Camp), Stanford, Pebble Beach … and Antigua (by way of coffee, and funnily, where I read most of the book.)

Experiences  –  learning from my dad, junior tennis competition, college at Stanford, and even opening a can of balls with the sardine can type key.

Life  –  excitement/loneliness of the early years on tour, countless lifetime friends through tennis, touching lives of every age through coaching, and even what makes for a good life.

Thank you, John Gruberg, for some very poignant and enjoyable reading!

Gene Mayer, Former #4 Singles Player in the World


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